Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ireland of the Welcomes

Today I'd like to share on of my favorite magazines. Ireland of the Welcomes is one of the most exciting things to grace my mailbox. It's a treat that only arrives 6 times a year, but well worth the $33 (for US). This magazine is a gorgeous full color journey through Ireland's history, culture, & folklore as well as in depth pieces on the modern Ireland of today. The photographs are always gorgeous and the stories and articles top notch. Almost all content - only 6 pages of ads out of 65. You can read a free issue online HERE. And if you are so inclined, you can subscribe HERE.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Yuletide Contents

For those who are curious what treasures were sent out in the Yuletide Edition of Emerald Post, I am sharing the contents below. This collection should give you an idea of what Emerald Post is all about. Most editions will contain 3-5 items depending on size and intricacy of work. They come bundles as you see below and nestled inside of a cellophane sleeve to protect them. Then it's all put in a bright green envelope, decorated and artistically addressed to you. AND if you missed out, the Yuletide Edition is still for sale and discounted at $13. Also, you can purchase "Gathering the Greens" alone for $10. Swing over to the Emerald Post Shop to fill your mailboxes for 2017!
5x7 Print of "Gathering the Greens" a watercolor painting on paper

The backside of the print tells of the ancient and enduring Celtic traditions of decorating with Holly, Ivy & Misteltoe

Everything is bundled in a band of Gaelic text and sealed with an Emerald Postmark Sticker.

Here is the whole package that went out to mailboxes in December
Contents (clockwise from top):

5x7 Fine Art Print "Gathering the Greens"
Mini Notecard & Envelope - photo of green rolling hills
Note from me to recipient - my musings on this edition
4x6 Postcard - Red Door Edinburgh, Scotland
5x5 Photo Print of St. Columb's Cathedral, Derry, Ireland
Bookmark - Gothic Window from Chepstow Castle, Wales