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I'm an American with an affinity for Ireland, Celtic lands, ways & wonders, mist cloaked lands, mystic & mythical tales, & many shades of green. I'm also a Midwesterner, a Missourian, you might even call me a hillbilly, for it is from these old Ozark hills that I hail. These hills of fisherman & farmers, miners & moonshiners, cicadas & sunsets, creeks & crickets, bumblebees & banjoes. This is home.

But this hillbilly loves to travel and is drawn time & time again to the verdant lands of Ireland and the British Isles. I'm forever intrigued with the history, folklore, and landscapes of these lands. When I am not tramping across Irish hillsides, through dark corridors of Welsh castles, or down the roots of my ancestry, these lands inspire me at home in the form of paintings, sketches, bookmaking, block prints, poems, stories, and essays. At home, these Celtic lands are never far away. They are on my bookshelves, my walls, on my stereo, & in my kitchen. I'm excited to share the wonder of these lands with you.

I do love antiquated things, pleasures many modern folk consider obsolete. Naturally, I'm an avid letter writer and I shy away from the quick, snippet styles of social media (I'm sorry you won't find me out there).  I love to send and receive lovely pieces of handwritten mail. I've been doing so all my life. Letters are such a lovely & personal form of communication in an era that is largely impersonal. Receiving a letter or parcel is a unique experience - full of surprise, anticipation, and joy. It's best done when you have a slow, quiet moment so you can savor each word. I hope that Emerald Post can rekindle a love for mail as well as encourage its recipients to send some letters or postcards of their own.

I studied Literature, Writing, French & Medieval Studies at university and these fields certainly permeate my creative life. I've been an artist of many mediums since childhood, though I've not been classically trained. I have the training of a vagabond, picking up artistic valuables here and there. I've traveled to these distant lands seven times and counting, gathering up knowledge & inspiration (and literally thousands of photographs) along the way. Upon returning home, I sow these seeds of wonder into my daily life.

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