Monday, November 28, 2016

Enchanting & Intriguing

Ancient eyes peer down from ancient trees...
Long ago, a tiny, yet green, seed was planted in my soul. This seed was an idea, a dream, a plan to visit Ireland. In 2009, finally, my feet and this seed were planted on the green, rolling hills of Ireland. My enchantment with this land & its culture was instantaneous and I've been devouring its history, art, culture, folklore & customs ever since. From this tiny green seed, Emerald Post grew, which is a passion project of the many things I adore about Ireland, Celtic culture, & nearby lands such as Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall. I've been traveling to these verdant lands ever since.  Above and below, you can see the intriguing nature of Ireland, with spirits in the trees and forests beckoning you to follow whimsical and winding ways. These photos were taken at Tintern Abbey in County Wexford, Ireland which was established in 1200 AD! I'm looking forward to sharing these worlds here on my blog and in your mailbox with Emerald Post.


Tintern Abbey, County Wexford, Ireland

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