Sunday, June 4, 2017

Incredible Stories, Expertly Told

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If you have an affinity for Ireland, for histories, for stories, or have any inclination to travel to the Emerald Isle, you must meet Abarta Heritage and Audio guides. Abarta Heritage offers many easily downloaded audio guides to listen to while traveling or while in the comfort of your own home sipping a hot cuppa tea. Best yet.....most are FREE. That's right. Whisk yourself away to other lands and other centuries with an expert audio guide (Abarta is run by archaeologists and historians). Abarta also runs a gorgeous Instagram account and blog. Abarta is a great resource for travelers but just as enjoyable and informative for those who dream of "one day" hopping the pond to Ireland. Neil Jackman, from Abarta also runs Time Travel Ireland, a great website featuring archaeological site around Ireland.

An Irish High Cross - Carvings Explained

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