Monday, March 13, 2017

My Irish Library

Here is just one of my Irish nooks - this one full of books. Especially near this time of year, I peruse my growing collection of books about or related to Ireland & its culture & history (the prettier ones make good St. Patrick's Day d├ęcor). Some of these I picked up on my travels, others I bought to prepare for journeys. Some of the more obscure or out-of-print ones seem to find me at a giant, semi-annual used book sale that I love to scour. My tastes tend toward Irish myth & legend, poetry, and ancient & Medieval history. This shelve is tidied up a bit for you all but many trinkets and knickknacks (i.e. coins, rocks, shells) are usually found strewn about here. I haven't written up a list of this collection but feel free to inquire about anything you see (or can't quite see). Happy Reading.   


  1. I love all the witch, ghost and farie books.

  2. Ireland is steeped in such colorful myths & legends. I love to learn about them.