Thursday, March 16, 2017

Seafood Chowder at Inch Beach

I love to cook up hearty Irish dishes, especially in March but my all time favorite is Seafood Chowder. Now this isn't like your Clam Chowder. This is much more akin to heaven. The first time I ever had this food of the sea gods was on a cold, gray day in Sammy's Bar on Inch Beach on the Dingle Penninsula. Perhaps it was the wild waves just outside the window, the freshness of the fish, or perhaps is was the dreary weather and jet lag but I have held this dish in the highest esteem ever since. My main brag about it is that it contained so much seafood and so little potatoes (a flip flop of what I know in MO). I now look for this on every menu when we're in Ireland and I've had some other delicious variations but Inch Beach Seafood Chowder is at the top of the list.

When I'm at home, however, I love making a huge pot of this. Surprisingly, even with some frozen fish, this is incredible. I use Kevin Dundon's recipe of fish chowder as a spring board but alter it for American groceries:

- I usually add more onion and skip the leek
- Swap water or chicken stock for fish stock - both work fine
- Peeled shrimp instead of Dublin Bay Prawns
- heavy whipping cream for pouring cream, maybe a bit richer :)
- I've always omitted tarragon and smoked salmon because I didn't have any and $$
- Use any fish you like really, I usually use salmon and cod and mussels if I have any

The Esteemed Seafood Chowder and Bulmers

Sammy's Bar Restaurant and Café at Inch Beach

It is an pretty quick and easy, if not a little pricey, recipe and actually is a great leftover (that surprised me) Make a loaf of brown bread with it, spread some Kerry Gold Butter, crack open a Guinness and start the daydream!

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