Monday, July 31, 2017

Anatomy of a Castle: The Chapel

Stained Glass of St. Margaret in St. Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Another essential part of any castle was the chapel were mass was heard daily. The chapel was located in various parts of the castle including the castle keep, the gatehouse, or even in the bailey as a separate building. It was common for the chapel to be two stories high so that the royal family could hear mass privately as servants and commoners sat below.  

Cahir Castle, Ireland

Chapel of St. John the Evangelist, Tower of London, England
King's Prayer Room, Tower of London, England

A Font for Holy Water  (and aumbry) in the Chapel at Doune Castle, Scotland 

An Aumbry (or cupboard or alcove for storing holy vessels, books,
reliquaries, oils, or for keeping the Holy Sacrament.
This aumbry is in the chapel of Goodrich Castle, England.

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