Monday, July 24, 2017

Anatomy of a Castle: Moat & Drawbridge

Most people have heard of moats & drawbridges and they make a castle quite iconic as well as very well defended. A moat is a steep, defensive trench or ditch, sometimes dry or filled with water. A drawbridge is a bridge that can be raised or lowered over the moat. The moats could also be stocked with fish for the residents to eat.  Visiting castles with moats is quite a treat. Visually they are stunning, grand fortified islands reflecting in the water.

Moat surrounding the impressive Caerphilly Castle in Wales, the largest castle in Wales and second only to Windsor Castle in the UK
Caerlaverock Castle, Scotland
A wooden bridge spans across the moat where a drawbridge once would have been.
Moat & Bridge around Caerlaverock Castle, Scotland

Bridge over moat, Raglan Castle, Wales
Moat at Raglan Castle, Wales, full of lily pads


  1. So happy that you are able to travel to far lands and "bring it all back to us" through your blog and beautiful pictures. It turns us all into travelers - without ever having to leave the comfort of home! JKJ

  2. Thanks JKJ, It's a pleasure to create these portals through which passersby can slip through for a journey.

  3. Amazing article! Enjoyed it so much, and looking forward to more! :D

  4. Beautiful images! I would love to see a castle in person someday.

  5. These are truly soul catching photos.. so many to see. Castles with moats and draw bridges, are so spell bounding.... a beautiful look into ages past. Thank you for sharing...

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping by! What lovely compliments you share. - Abby @ Emerald Post

  7. Cyn - "Soul Catching" I love that term. I think that's exactly the feeling I get when I travel to these places. It's wonderful to know that some of that makes it through the photos. Thanks!